Dec 14, 2010

Postcards from France X: Christmas Decoration with Chandelier Crystals

I had full intentions to snap some photos of beautiful Christmas decoration in the ancient city of Aix en Provence, a few minutes' drive from where I live. Just for you, faithful Etsy Vintage blog readers.

But it's so dang cold! I'm a cold weather wimp. So what I did was go to my village presse (place where you buy newspapers and magazines) and searched through all the chic-y chic décor magazines in search of some great French vintage Christmas decoration ideas.

More discolosure: I'm also a magazine scrooge (a heat seeking magazine scrooge). So that I forked over a very chic euro price for the greater good of this blog, is tribute to the blog in itself. (I'm not kidding about the magazine scrooge thing, either. I think my entire annual magazine budget went towards buying Maison Brocante Novembre/Décembre.)

And this image is the whole reason I let the moths out of the magazine section of my billfold:

I thought this was a fine Christmas idea for us vintage junkies. It's a chandelier crystal with - tout simplement - an image cut out in the exact dimensions of the shape of the crystal. Then, and this is where the magazine caption is lacking in details, glued to the back.

But how, I don't know. If you have an idea of how to glue the image where the glue is invisible, please leave your technique in the comments!

Back to the concept: this would make fantastic ornaments with b & w photos of children, you as a child, fond moments caught on film. And of course, touching gifts.

This was also a nifty idea: a chandeleir crystal garland. Made with a simple wire and some patience.
Now that my head is full of Christmas crystals, I'm imagining a Christmas tree top ornament made of four crystals in the form of a cross!
Does this inspire any decoration ideas in you?

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Three Chicks Vintage said...

I love the chandelier ornament. There is a product called Diamond Glaze that can be used to make items like this. It truly dries crystal clear - I've used it before. Here's a link to the company's website, where you can get a free sample: