Dec 7, 2010

Postcards from France X: Christmas Markets

Greetings from snowier than usual France!

The snow here is making the famous Christmas markets of Alsace even lovelier than usual. And that's when "usual" is magnificent.

I'm down here in warm(er) Provence near the Mediterranean but I'm imagining what the markets must look like under fresh blankets of snow in the northeast near the German border.

The fair is about very classic & darling Christmas items: dolls, teddy bears, ornaments, and yummy things to eat: cookies, cakes, and pretzels. Although, I haven't yet heard of vintage Christmas markets I thought a few shots of the markets might appeal to us vintage afficianadas.

The most famous market is in Strasbourg, a beautiful city. The market has been going strong since 1570.

Here's my favorite: the magical village of Colmar. It's astounding any time of year and of course, at Christmas - what a treat.

As an aside - for some reason I often hear Americans with ancestors from Alsace who are thinking of going for the first time. If I can be of any influence, if you're lucky enough to have a connection to Alscace - go! You'll be blown away by the incredible beauty and the down to earth people there. It truly is a fairy tale region. And even if you have no family ties, if something about what you read about Alsace appeals to you I can almost bet you'll be blown away by how gorgeous everything is wherever you turn. Just be sure to do a little armchair research online about the best villages to visit and it should be a wonderful time.

And if you won't be travelling to France anytime soon, I hope these images of how France celebrates Christmas inspires your vintage winter wonderland.


Nachokitty said...

I cannot wait to return to Franch and Germany at Christmas time. I loved it so during my other trips! I'm now waiting for my baby to get a bit older. Thanks for posting such gorgeous, cheery holiday photos!

Frenchee le Trip said...

You're welcome, Nachokitty! Glad this brought some French/German holiday cheer to you!

alma wad said...

They are charming . I love Vintage Winter Feeling .

Frenchee le Trip said...

Merci, Mlle Wad!