Dec 29, 2010

The New Year Pick Me Up!

French Garden Poster, what better way to bring cheer? by LeTrip
After the Holidays I get the urge to straighten, organize and reshuffle. I find that in the middle of all this productive work is a giant pitfall though. I get bummed. I look outside, see the white overcast sky and realize that the fun is over. I then find it hard to get back to work.
Vintage trays, perfect for in front of the fire by moxiethrift

Things I've found that cheer me up and make me appreciate winter: a crackling fire in the wood stove, a cozy cheery kitchen, good food, and a great book or garden catalog. With this in mind, I've realized we should freshen up our shops at this time of year to help our customers find what they need to keep their spirits up.

Rooster Egg Cups for a Cheery Breakfast by mymilkglassshop

Make sure your photos are bright and clear. Not only will potential customers see the item details clearly, they will also have their spirits lifted a bit by the cheerful feel of the shot.

Ask yourself how you feel around the New Year. After all the celebrations are past, what's on your mind? Check with your friends, look at the lifestyle news. The trends generally point to people wanting to get away from it all, get a sense of renewal & make progress. What a great opportunity to market to your customers!

Enamel pans, ideal for baked goods or roasts by stuartroadvintage
This is the time of year for all things vintage kitchen, staying close to home, freshening up, getting organized. If these items are in your shop already, consider renewing them so they're front and center. If you have them lurking in a box nearby, kick your motivation into high gear and get them listed! Happy New Year!


jenscloset said...

Thanks for including my rooster mugs-great post!

Vicki said...

Yes, winter time can leave me vulnerable to the doldrums too. Your post motivates me to get focused and moving. Best way to beat the blahs.
Kowgirl Kitsch

nora - treasurehuntvintage said...

Great ideas. Thanks, Heidi.

caitie said...

Looking good!!! Love the blog...its such a great addition to the ETSY VINTAGE TEAM.... pictures are FANTASTIC.
big smooches caitie!!!
cowgirl caities Etsy

Jeanne said...

I'm a little late with this post,but I enjoyed reading it!
It was also a pleasure to scroll down and see my enamel pans featured.
Thanks and Happy New Year!
stuart road vintage