Dec 9, 2010


Hi everyone, fellow EVT member Bit of Butter, here! Now is the time of the year when ovens are getting a workout, and there's nothing that smells better than holiday cookies.

I've come across quite a few vintage cookie molds recently that are perfect for making Christmas cookies. Most of the cookie molds I've come across are German in origin and are traditionally used during the Christmas season.

The cookie molds above are called springerle. These molded cookies have been popular in Germany since the 14th century. Typically springerle are anise-flavored cookies that, after molded, are left out to dry overnight before they're put in the oven.

Ausstecherle are another type of German molded cookie, and these are very much like traditional American sugar cookies. I just whipped up a batch of cookies using an ausstechrolle from Monopol that was made between 1969 and 1970. Below is the roller in action!

I used this basic sugar cookie recipe and sprinkled crushed almonds on the top! They turned out beautifully, but it's always good to remember that cookie rolls need to be liberally floured between each use or else the dough will stick the roller.


nora - treasurehuntvintage said...

Great blog post! love your subject choice: CHRISTMAS COOKIES. :~) Reminds me, I need to get baking. Thanks so much for giving me a break.

Bit of Butter said...

No problem! It was fun to try and make the cookies with my vintage mold!

cielo said...

that ausstecherle roller is sweet!