Dec 17, 2010


I LOVE garlic. We consume at least a head every week. Seems nearly every recipe calls for garlic, and why add 1 clove when 3 or 4 will further enhance the flavor? We also enjoy it in a dipping sauce for bread---chopped and mixed with balsamic vinegar and good quality extra virgin olive oil. So much better for you than butter and well, YUM-MO!

DEFINITION--From garlic - The pungent, segmented bulb of the perennial plant Allium sativum, a member of the Lily family, closely related to the onion. Among the oldest known cultivated plants and most universally popular cooking herbs, garlic appears extensively, both raw and cooked in the cuisines of southern Europe and is considered essential to many dishes in Italy. The peeled cloves can be preserved for short periods in jars of oil.

Garlic is good for you!!! Check out the HEALTH BENEFITS--

And, if the taste, aroma and health benefits aren't enough to make you a garlic fan, don't forget that it can ward off vampires! :~)

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Three Chicks Vintage said...

Mmmmm! Garlic! I learned how much more delicious my baguette is dipped in a garlicky vinaigrette when we had a foreign exchabge student from Spain years ago. He was repulsed by the American tendency to slather bread (and so many other things) in "yellow cow grease" and insisted on garlic with vinegar and oil instead.
Thanks for sharing your recipe with Balsamic vinegar!