Nov 9, 2010

Postcards from France VIII: Brigitte Bardot in All Her Vintage Glory

There is an exhibit about Brigitte Bardot in her home town of Saint Tropez.

Since I'm a big fan of her 1960's style and she seems to incarnate physical "goddessness" from head to toe, I made my French boyfriend, Pascal, and his teenage daughters go. These pix I took at the exhibit, why the quality is a bit off.

I found out she was a dancer before being "découverte."
Her grace is phenomenal.

She was a stylist's dream come true.

When a goddess does her shopping in Paris, this is what it looks like.
Some people's lives make me believe in destiny. It seems like it would be highly unlikely that she could ever lead a regular life. She wasn't terribly impressed with celebrity and stardom - it's like she was almost forced to follow her path. If you watch her early movies, when she was little more than a kid, you can see her natural charm radiate. This when artifice was the only way actresses ever expressed themselves. It must have been amazing for viewers of the time to see all that beauty, grace and naturalness on the screen. It still is.


Three Chicks Vintage said...

I was very young when Brigitt Bardot was a screen star, so I don't remember her movies so much as I remember the awe in peoples voices when they said her name. Men and women both were in awe of her beauty: men, of course for obvious reasons (the dogs! LOL) and women envious and curious how to achieve such beauty themselves.
Thanks for the memory!

Frenchee le Trip said...

Three Chicks: to be honest, even at my ripe age, I'm still curious if I could ever acheive one of her looks.

What was striking at the exhibit was the multitude of styles she was shot it, hudreds, and all beyond gorgeous.

And she's got her head on her shoulders, and very talented. I think it's a leap for a lot of people to think someone so gorgeous could be talented and smart. Like it's not fair, or intimidating, so let's poo poo the thought!