Oct 12, 2010

Think Outside the Halloween Box

I love Halloween. Vintage Halloween goodies are always on my radar. I hunt high and low for the real deal. But I only get to take them out once a year! I try to bring them out in early September, but my resident housemates (children and husband) just tend to roll their eyes at me. So I wait patiently until October 1st.

The colors of Halloween are so classic. While I don't want to have a spooky pumpkin looking down on me in the middle of Spring, I wouldn't mind an offbeat reminder of my favorite time of year. As a seller and a buyer, think about how items can be used throughout the year. Market them that way, and they'll sell, regardless of the season.

Vintage Cultivator Claw Tool Offered by Birdie1

For example, I love to be organized. What better way than with a magazine rack that doubles as a creepy Halloween prop? I can have it up all year and then hang all manner of creepy crawlies on it at the right time. It would look great with a bunch of flowers laying in it in the Spring! It's farmhouse charm.

It doesn't even have to be that dramatic. Perhaps a stapler can be a workhorse with attitude. The color is right and blends in any time of year. But come autumn, a little orange will offset it nicely.
The Scariest Stapler in the World by BitofButter
In the dining room and kitchen, Halloween decorating can be a bit tricky. (no pun intended!) How to keep hip, useful, year round cookware that doesn't scream "seasonal"? This mid century modern serving piece can be cheerful in Spring and Summer, but worthy of serving a frightening feast in the Fall. 
Mid Century Chafing Tray offered by TheWhiteMole
Now of course, most everyone loves owls. An owl looks quite at home among books and can infuse even a small library with character. Whooo will watch over you carefully regardless of the season? A pile of pumpkins are sure to come to life with an owl lurking nearby.
Vintage Lucite Owl offered by Susantique
Bud vases are always useful and creative ones like these can really bring a tablecape to life. Flowers are sweet, but if you truly want to spook things up, fill these with colored water-red, orange, black, green, etc. A mad scientist is welcome at the best haunted homes! 
Scientific Beakers offered by PolkadotHOME
Think outside the box. What else can your item be used for? What can be turned into? Can it represent something other than it's intended purpose? Can you leave it out and not have it take up precious storage space? That's a big plus for anyone! It's all about creative marketing.


Bit of Butter said...

Awwww, thanks for including the scariest stapler in the world! I have no idea why I titled it that way... :-)

Bird-in-Hand, Laurie said...

Great feature ~ (I'm about to scoop up that little owl)! Don't let the Farm Tool Cultivator scare you ~ it just wants to help :) Thanks so much for the feature. Make sure and check out Nachokitty Etsy shop!

polkadotHOME said...

how cool! i love it! great items, and i enjoyed your writing. thanks for featuring my chemistry set! i'm off to check out your other posts...

dining tables said...

The stapler was really scary. I think it can staple even the human skin.

Bit of Butter said...

@Dining Tables: Eewwwwww! :-)