Sep 7, 2010

Postcards from France I

How exciting to be part of the Etsy Vintage Team blog launch! As an American living in France, I'm especially happy to be able to connect with the vintage sisters back home.
I'll be sending over Postcards from France to show you the awesome vintage buying is over here, how it's done, and some of the treasures I come across.

This restaurant chalkboard had already been sold by the time I got to it at a fantastic brocante (vintage/antique markets) on Sunday. It says "We emptied the attic, we bring back nothing! Your (reasonable) price is our price." The magnificent turn of the century wicker chair was still for sale. He was asking 30€ (less than $40) and I'm sure he'd have taken less. Hélas I don't have a spot for it so I kept on walking.

The brocante was enormous! I really only went on a whim as I'd never been to this village before. I was expecting it to be a little village garage sale type deal (which can also be amazing - unbelievably low prices), but it was huge with hundreds of vendors, many of them professional.

There were three long alleys filled with vendors, with a babbling brook right in the middle...

...with this gorgeous Provençal village as a backdrop. I was au paradis, in heaven.

It's amazing the slices of life you see at these markets. Check out this elderly lady (who was selling the most sublime textiles from her mother's and grandmother's time) with the backdrop of a graffiti covered depot that has been out of use for decades.

My pockets emptied really quickly - the things I got will soon be posted in my Etsy shop.

Voilà tout! I hope you've enjoyed the Sunday stroll in Provence.


Linens Lace and Lattes said...

Your (reasonable) price is our price...I am sure this sounds even sweeter in French! Love your post.

Deb said...

Ooohh...! This sounds absolutely heavenly, or as you said, 'au paradis'! (I think I could find room in my humble living room for that wonderful piece of wicker - right next to hubby's 'vintage' recliner.)

Frenchee Le Trip said...

Deb - most things sound pretty good in French, even if the meaning is so-so. :) But I like that phrase. Cute!

DebB - Joyeux Anniversaire! I like your recliner and the queenly chair combo in your living room.

Anne-Marie said...

That is exactly where I want to be right now.