Jun 19, 2009

i'm here, see me.

i just really like rings. i think that comes from my mother, who often will have a ring on almost every finger. nothing crazy, nothing tacky, just very classy and cool rings. this ring would be a ring i would wear. i'm more of a one wowza-snazzy-i'm-here-see-me kind of ring. opalessence
has bling and subtle beauties though tout her shop. something for my mom...and for me.


11karri said...

Green is my fav..color..awesome ring it is just plan fun,fresh and summer time...

spanky* said...

i agree. i am too much of a creature of habit to wear different rings w/ different outfits. i would luv to be chic enough to do so, but my fingers feel funny when i have rings i'm not used to..

i have bought a ring close to this on... i luv it soo much. i wear it on my wedding ring finger.


i've actually been asked "are you engaged? What an interesting ring"... to that, i give a (probably rude) quick look, make a fling motion with my hand & state "ooooh no, i am very very free!"

you've inspired me to write a posting about it. (hopefully tomorrow... i'm too sleepy right now!)