Mar 24, 2009

daily dose: creamy rich

"i want to live in that photo"
know what i mean when i say that? maybe i am just a photo geek. maybe. perhaps i have a color fetish. or it could be composition that grabs me. pulls me in. and throw in vintage items, my friends, you have something. a great something.

this photograph and the components of it just make my heart go pitter patter. makes those excited butterflies flutter. i love the slip. so classy. so elegant. and the colors. amen. the way it's composed it looks as if a lovely lady is standing there, waiting. waiting for the coffee boy to call her name. betaboutique makes her items look even better with the great compositions. go check it out!


It's Just Me said...

this photo brought me in from posh adornments.... love it

boylerpf said...

Great composition!

drollgirl said...

it is beautiful!