Dec 4, 2008

Walking in a Vintage Wonderland Featured Shop: jenscloset

It's true, honest.

Today's featured 'Shop of the Day' is jenscloset! Jen carries loads of great vintage glass, dinnerware, jewelry and lots more, and the shop is a paradise for fans of Fire King and Pyrex!
I'm a milk glass nut myself, and right now she's got 31 beautiful milk glass items like this gorgeous Fenton covered candy dish:

Would you like to win a $10 gift certificate from jenscloset? Of course you do! Well, get yourself over to the shop here, then come back to this post and comment on your favorite item with a link to it. Don't forget to include your e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.

So far, 6 lucky winners have received a $10 gift certificate from an EVST shop, and another one will win tonight! In the evening after 9pm Eastern, one winner will be chosen at random from all of today's blog comments who will receive the gift certificate from jenscloset!

The Featured Shop and corresponding gift certificate changes daily, and there will be a winner every night. One entry per person, per day. EVST members are not eligible.
Check back every day to see what new shop is being featured, and try for your chance to win!
A list of participating shops is in the sidebar at right.
Congratulations to Jenny S., Wednesday's winner of a $10 gift certificate from tigerluxe!

Thanks, and have a good luck!
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SoDear2MyHeart said...

ABsoLUTEly Beautiful! Perfect for the holiday table and soooo elegant!

Joan said...

Oh we love milk glass here, too! My mom is obsessed. She has this absolutely gorgeous milk glass punch bowl!!! Off to check out jenscloset. :)

Digital Misfit said...

Love milkglass - I have a small shelf with a humble collection that I just adore.

One of my other faves from jenscloset is this small Lennox pedestal dish
It would be a perfect display for a large pretty cupcake!

Deluxx said...

Lots of nice treats to be found at Jenscloset, but this caught my eye:

I had a little ceramic skunk very much like that when I was a child! I wonder what ever happened to it?!

deluxx at gmail dot com

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love this little plate:

I need a little reminder once in a while to Not Hurry Through Life :)

JenDiggity said...

This is a really lovely idea and very generous of you all! I love being able to browse the best of the antique and thrift shops and wear PJs at the same time.

This candy jar (a ) also caught my eye. I have a really ugly one sitting on my table that I use every year to put ribbon candy in at Christmastime. A few years ago my brother asked what I wanted and that was it. He went to several different shops to find a COVERED candy dish, which was so sweet. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the whole top of the lid was broken when I got it so I've got this sharp, jagged hunk of glass on my table now. I love it because my brother gave it to me and all, but I don't think he'd mind if I got a new one!

JenDiggityDirt AT g mail dot com

judyd said...

I like the old rotary telephone - olive green! It brings back memories from when I was young - party lines, going into ones room with the phone if your cord was long enough, or stretching it to make it long enough!, and those circular disk with your number displayed. I even remember the black phones!

I loved Jen's shop, her variety of items, photos, cute titles and have hearted her shop.


High Desert Rose said...

Utterly hobby in the hobnail sense.
What a wonderful find and how nice it is to finally be able to get over my technical woes and post in the blogger forums. Good luck JensCloset.

jenscloset said...

Thanks for all the nice notes! Enjoy all of the other wonderful vintage shops here! Jen