Nov 6, 2008

daily dose: celery green

my new color love affair, celery green. i didn't mean to fall so hard so fast for this color of stalks. i really didn't. i am usually a blue person. any shade, any time, i'm your girl. but. when i saw the lid on the can of spray paint, well, you had me at hello. i longed to spray something, anything, with it. {does spraypaint wash out of hair? how about clothes? windows?} as with most affairs, you quickly justify your actions. my justification: it is similar to the color of my beloved grandmas beloved sweater and my creative energy will double, triple even, with this new hue added to my collection. anyway. so, my point is, i love this color.

this fun and cozy sweater, housed in catseyevintage's shop, popped up when searching etsy vintage for hints of My Color.

here's to my love-

1 comment:

Kelly of Royal Pink Vintage said...

thanks for your work, leah! i'm enjoying your posts. :)