Oct 13, 2008

An Elegant Junk Shop

One of the most eclectic vintage shops I’ve visited lately is 11Karri, a fabulous mixture of clothing, toys, housewares, home décor, tools--you name it. As the banner states, it’s an “elegant junk shop” (though with a few exceptions in the category titled "Parts/Tools/Rusty Stuff," the vintage items in her shop are far from junk).

We asked Jul Ann, the owner of 11Karri, to tell us a little bit more about herself, her family, and her business.

Person-Wife-Mother-Grandmother-Artist-Friend-Collector-Child of Mother Earth. But call me Jul Ann. Don't hold my age against me. I deserve every gray hair on my bod, and look forward to getting older every day...every hour…every breath.

In the Atomic 50s I was raised on a cattle ranch in the Northern Nebraska sandhills, up by the fast white waters of the Niobara River—a real river rat, cowgirl, hippie! I sold on eBay for around 7 to 8 years as 11karri, but now I’m just on Etsy, and I love the artsy culture.

All my life I have loved art, or music, and anything vintage or antique. I have an interest in so many things! Vintage women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, as well as bones and Victorian or Edwardian lace and satin. I can spend mind-boggling amounts of time with old buttons, small plastic toys, or fun rusty old metal pieces if they have a cool shapes.

My natural family is many shades of color—African, Cree, Irish; we are all American. So from shades of winter white to red freckles, rich black satin to creamy tan, and red clay to soft sunset. Mmmm??? Maybe that is why I have a wide range of items and interests in my store.

My family helps me with the shipping now. Because of illness the sunlight hurts my eyes, so I am now what I like to call Owly. LOL.

My husband is working on a new line of belt buckles, and I have been doing assemblage art (so fun!). We will have them for sale soon also.

With all that said, ETSY ROCKS! I hope you may see a little something your favor in the shop. How cool is it that we on Etsy can make a little money to pay bills and play with the items we love. Add the fact that you get to convo with people who love the same things from all over the world....

Thanks so much, Jul Ann, for sharing your enthusiasm for Etsy and for vintage.

Be certain to stop by her shop, 11Karri, for an exciting collection of vintage treasures.


Leah said...

I love this interview! and to know she grew up in the area i did! WOW! i am from Northern Nebraska too...Elgin to be exact. I now live waaaaay down in southern Nebraska...

yeah! i need to go check our her shop!

rachael said...

great interview!!

Life in the Philippines said...

Very nice interview. I love the history that goes with old things, too. It would have been nicer if the photos had more of an explanation of the items as well. But it was nice peeking into this spunky old woman's life:)

Katie said...

Great interview! She really does have a wonderful shop to get lost in.

High Desert Rose said...

JulAnn, hope this thing will owly eyes gets better. Love your down to earth speaking style.

Great interview.



jul ann said...

Hello every one and thanks for the comments even the one about me being a "spunky Old woman" LOL it is TRUE..and Thanks Susan again for the interview...jul ann

Samy St Clair said...

I've tagged you on my blog! It's a lot of fun so be sure to check it out!