Sep 21, 2008

The Daily Dose 9.21.09

Good Sunday Evening to All,

Today is the last day of summer. Sigh. And although I love Autumn, I felt rather nostalgic today, so Zephyr and I went for a long last swim at the lake. Coming home I had a pestering craving for coffee (of course) and lemony cheese cake (I love lemons.) I never got it, but when I saw this cake carrier at Moxie Thrift, I knew it was today's Daily Dose. It is the quintessential last day of summer accessory and I just know in my heart that there is a lemony cheese cake underneath that lid. :-)

Moxie Thrift's description: "I love cake carriers. i love them even though i really have never used one. ok, once, but it was just because i wanted to try it out, you know make sure it works {and i work making it work} before i go and take it to a reunion and fumble around trying to make it work. i just wanted to practice looking graceful.this one has been used. lots. its on the rusty side, but wow. what a great primitive to use as decor in your kitchen. it would look amazingly at home on a white shelf beside white cupboards. {i covet white cupboards}i would not recommend using this for actual cake covering. it measures 11.5" x 8" and is metal and has great red knobs."

Enjoy tomorrow, the first day of autumn, dahlila.

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Leah said...

why, what a lovely surprise when i read this. thanks for making my monday. and yes, i believe there is lemon cake under there. keep saying it, i am sure it will appear!