May 24, 2008

EVST Daily Dose: 5.24.08

Who needs someone to "promise" you a rose garden when you can have this sweet scented candle in a vintage tea cup from ScentimentsBySandra? Yes, you can promise it for yourself.

SCENT: Rose Garden, a profusion of varieties, like a stroll through a cottage garden

CONTAINER: Cute, squat cup or mug with roses and gold trim

WAX COLOR/SIZE: Green 6 oz (36+ burn hours)

Recycled…Upcycled! I love giving new life to cast off china pieces. My candles are packaged for gift-giving and are 100% natural soy wax with complex scents. With easy soap-and-water clean-up, your collectible is not harmed by the wax. Soy wax burns longer and cleaner than paraffin. Most importantly, soy is a biodegradable renewable resource.
UPDATE: 11/08 Sandra has combined her vintage shop and candle shop into one destination! See her wares at

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