Mar 20, 2008

Ikonic Living

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If you are looking to deck your home or your closet out with rare kitsch, affordable, unusual and sometimes very chic vintage finds then IKONIC VINTAGE on Etsy is a shop you will want to visit. They stock fabulous items for your kitchen, uber cool wall decor, jewelry, clothing and some killer shoes .

Justine has a great eye for retro goods.... here is what she had to say about her love of vintage and the voracious appetite for all things old which has really spiked throughout the consumer landscape over the past few years...

What sparked your interest in vintage and how long have you been a collector?

I have been interested in vintage since I was a kid! I used to wear vintage Levi's and old men's sports jackets with mens ties to junior high. I think vintage clothing appealed to me because of the uniqueness. No one else had the things I had and I liked that. As I got older I became more and more interested in the vintage lifestyle and now almost everything in my home from my pots and pans to my Christmas decorations are vintage.

Do you have a "most coveted" vintage item in your home which you could not live without?

That's a hard one! I love so many of my items and then when I have a new find, it can become my favorite immediately. But I suppose my most coveted would be a train case probably from the 50's with authentic travel labels from all over the world. It holds my most prized possessions - my photos.

How did you arrive at setting up a shop on Etsy and what has been the best thing about selling there so far for you?

For a long time I loved Etsy shopping. I drooled over the beautiful items for sale. I sold on eBay for years but between the very high fees and the way I felt I got "lost in the crowd" so to say, I wasn't happy. Then I setup my own website but as a part-time seller, it was difficult to keep up with maintenance. I finally decided to open my own Etsy shop the end of January this year. Selling there has so far been the best venue I've ever sold in. The community is wonderful, the listing is easy and I really feel like the items I find are going to someone who will truly enjoy them. I am a total Etsy lover!

Vintage collectibles and clothing have really become a hot topic with an increasingly young crowd of buyers in the past few years... do you think the trend is here to stay and what do you think influences this trend the most?

I'm biased sine I have loved vintage clothing for years. I live in NYC where vintage has always been in style. I think that vintage is here to stay because people have realized that there are so many looks to choose from and whatever any designer is doing it's almost always been done before one way or another and you can find it in vintage. And the most appealing part is that it will be unique yet trendy at the same time.

What is the one thing that you are forever hoping to find... your vintage "Holy Grail?"

In all my years of thrifting I have found and sold many great things. From a Rudi Gernreich dress to a Vicuna coat. But the one designer I have never found and love is Emilio Pucci. I would love to find anything from him and you can be sure it would stay in my own personal collection!

If you head over to IKONIC right now you can save a generous 20% off anything in the shop through March 31st!!! Thanks so much Justine for the blog readers discount! Just mention "etsy vintage" in the notes to seller when you make your purchase and wait for the revised invoice before paying.


Justine said...

Thanks so much for the feature and the links. Can't wait to see next weeks featured member. :)

Katie said...

It's so much fun reading everyone's interviews. Great job ladies!